Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Not a 40k Blog

Right. So, I've not posted anything for some time... Simply put, this means that I haven't been working on my Eldar army of late. That's alright, because I can co-opt my own blog to talk about gaming in general.

What have I been doing? Well, a lot of reading and writing. I've been reading a lot of the older Sword and Sorcery authors. Conan and Elric of Melnobone have featured heavily. I have picked up Joe Abercrombie's newest book, Red Country, and must say that his momentum is simply astounding. He is a juggernaut in the world of Fantasy and Sci-Fi. His newest entry combines the Western genre with his established fantasy world, and while that seems rather jarring, Abercrombie's writing style lends itself very well to the mash up. His grit and visceral characterization is a boon to the legacy that he attempts to honor in Red Country.

Also, I picked up an anthology called Swords and Dark Sorcery, which has been middling thus far. Some interesting nuggets to be found among several outings into already established settings. I've not read The Black Company yet, but if the short story in this anthology is any indication, I may have a hard time getting through it.

But the reason I've been delving into these ancient and hallowed tomes is that I have decided to start writing for my own homebrew Sword and Sorcery setting again. I have called it several things throughout it's storied history, but the name that most of my friends would recognize is Shae Dinar. It's named after the desert continent that had featured heavily in the last epic campaign run in the setting.

But my vision is much broader than that. And since I'm not really motivated to paint or assemble my 40k army, I will post some updates here.

Thanks for reading.