Friday, June 29, 2012

Eldar War Walkers

I figured I should post something quick before the month is out. So, in honor of the release of 6th edition, I have decided to build and paint a squadron of Eldar War Walkers!

Holy flash! The canopies will eventually be edged in black like all of my canopies.
I'm still getting used to the camera on this phone, so the flash ended up drowning out a lot of the work I did on the wraithbone carapace, but in all, I'm pretty happy with the end result.

I found these a lot easier to assemble than the Wraithlord, and that had a lot to do with the fact that I didn't need to glue the legs permanently. In fact, on the last walker, I started basing by gluing a single foot to the base, and adjusting from there.

A selection of my favorite Eldar weaponry on display for your approval.
Now, how to field the damned things... Back in 3rd Edition (the edition I played for the longest), I fought tyranids most regularly, so I was very fond of scatter lasers, which, back in the day, used to roll D6 each to determine how many shots. It was great for mowing through a brood of termagants/hormagants. They've since standardized the rate of fire to a slightly above average 4. Still a formidable weapon against the horde, but I think I would probably go with EML if I were to fight tyranids today. Starcannon spam for the Space Marines, of course.

So, fully loaded these three bastards weigh in at a cool 255 (including spirit stones), and make a fine fire base for your Eldar army, but probably not unless you are playing around the 1750+ range, or fighting against an army that can't shoot back.

So, 6th edition is released tomorrow, and god willing it will be the edition that supersedes 3rd Ed. as my most played system. 


  1. Something about this post made me realize one of the great pleasures of TTWGs. While building an army you are also creating your own nation. You have resources, options, and control; it is up to you to decide the course, from start to finish. Will you field the warwalkers in this battle? Will they be properly armed? Very exciting stuff! Let'snot even get started on in-depth campaigns where you have to manage just how they got to the battlefield, or where they're getting supplies from, or to which dark god they're making deals with. That is just thrilling and delightful.

  2. Indeed, resource management is one of my favorite aspects of a TTWG. And, like you said, its all the sweeter when used in a campaign to add an element of strategy to the game.

  3. These new models really do look fantastic. Kudos to GW for keeping up with the competition and producing some amazing sci-fi minis.