Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wraithlords and Wave Serpents

It's been some time, but I assure you, progress has been made! 

I've finally busted open my Battleforce and assembled and painted the Wave Serpent. Well, it's not all the way painted... It still needs another light brushing of Bleached Bone and I need to touch up the black as well as trace the lines with Devlan Mud, but I'm gonna be proud anyway.

The gun mounts are all magnetized (including the under-belly).
As you can see, there is still plenty of slop on this bad-boy to be cleaned up. I am also not completely decided on the fins. My original plan was to do them in wraitbone as well, but I wonder if I shouldn't leave them black.

Magnetizing everything was fairly easy, but plenty tedious. Having learned quite a bit during the process of retrofitting my older models with magnets, I've found a system that I think works rather well. Instead of worrying too much about the polarity of the magnets (I still pay some attention) I actually cut the heads from some cheap finishing nails in order to make all of the weapons ferrous. So the mounts have the magnets, and the weapons have just a bit of metal to make them magnetic
So are the shields on the sides of the mount.
The Wraithlords are somewhat trickier to magnetize, just because of the wide selection of weapons they have available. Nevertheless, each Wraithlord has a magnet in both shoulder mounts, each forearm, and on the wrist of the right hand, in order to accommodate the Wraithsword.

I'm not sure how I am going to field these guys yet. I mean, they have the potential to be pretty mean in CQC, as they are Monstrous Creatures, but they make pretty good mobile fire bases as well. I can arm them with a Missile Launcher, a Scatter-Laser/Shuriken Catapult and two Flamers each... That would be pretty expensive, of course, but something to consider.

Dueling Wraithlords!
On the other hand, I can leave them bare-bones and field a cheap but evil hand-to-hand monster. But enough about the tactics, lets talk about the painting!

I love this model. I love it so much that I was really afraid to start painting it. It took me purchasing a second Lord to give me the courage I needed to start painting the first one. Like the Serpent, they still need a good amount of work done on them.

One of the things I would really like to do (and get right) is decal application. I want my army to really scream ULTHWE! So, I want to put an Eye of Isha on each of their groin plates(?). Also I would like them to sport the Wraithlord "infinity" emblem on their heads.

I took the time to really spruce up the bases of both Lords. I particularly like the way the one on the right turned out, for having so much "clutter" on the base. But, the bases are identical, so in order to really make them look different, I felt the need to throw a bunch of junk on righty's base.

I still have a few concerns about my Ulthwe paint scheme. For instance, should I add more colors to the weapons? Should I find a way to work either red or yellow into the scheme overall, or try to keep it simple.

As it stands, I like the way the scheme looks on the vehicles, but I still have doubts about the appearance of the infantry and Wraithlords...

That's all for now. Hopefully it won't be too long before I post again.

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