Friday, March 30, 2012

Ulthwe brand Aspect Warriors... And a Mounted Warlock

Somewhere near the Eye of Terror, where the hell of the Warp meets the material realm, one man struggles to muster the forces of  the craftworld Ulthwe.

Here is the minor conversion work I have done to seat a warlock on a jetbike. The hardest part was trying to get an even cut under the torso that A) wouldn't look silly, and B) would be able to be glued to the guardian legs I had available. Apart from that, it was pretty easy. A pin keeps the torso on the legs, and some small pin work keeps the Singing Spear in it's dynamic pose, and safe(er) from being snapped off in the heat of battle. Or more likely, the heat of transport...

Next we have the Ulthwe brand Howling Banshees! I'm damned happy about how this scheme works for them. There is still some touch up work to be done (of course), but this was a great leap forward in my Aspect Warrior paint-scheme decision making process.

I especially like the way the hair turned out. That is P3 "Skorn Red" with an red ink wash. I like it shiney!

Finally, we have the Swooping Hawks... I am happy with the way the bleached bone looks on the wings, but I am at complete loss as to where to fit in some accent to designate their loyalty to the Aspect Shrine. My brother suggested just painting some of the cloth hanging from their belts, or their spirit stones blue... Thoughts? Seems like too little, but what can you do?

So that's what I managed to pull off since last night. I have started work on the seer council and Warp Spiders. I will get you some pics when I have them.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Aspect Warriors and the Question of Army Unity

My guardians still need some detail work and basic touch ups, so I will be working on them over the next week or so. But my next major project for Ulthwe's War Host is to give a new snazzy paint scheme to my aspect warriors... I don't like the idea of Rainbow Eldar, wherein all of the components of your army are wildly different colors, so I am trying to put an Ulthwe twist on all of my aspects. Bone and black are are the primary colors, and then I throw in a color associate with the Aspect Shrine just to remind everyone that they are aspect warriors...

So far I have finished 7/7 howling banshees. They have black armor, with bone helms, sashes and pistols. For their wavy hair I used Skorn red with a red ink. It makes for a really striking combo. I'll post some pics when I get them touched up. I want to start work on the swooping hawks and warp spiders next, but the Hawks have me stumped. I have an idea of how to get the Ulthwe colors in (black armor, of course, with bone helms, wings, and guns.) but no clue as to where to put any sort of white or blue (the aspect colors). I really like where I have placed the Craftworld colors, so I might just forego an aspect coloration altogether. But this makes me sad... Maybe I can just pick a shoulder pad or something to paint differently...

I will put up some pics of the models tomorrow. I'm getting too tired to keep it up for much longer tonight.

If you made it to the end, thanks for reading!

The rise of the Guardians


I have successfully painted EVERY Guardian that I have and intend to field... YEAH! Though they still need lots of little touch ups... But the hard work is DONE!